Staff Culture

CoachesCoaches are our most valuable asset

We believe that a workplace should bring out the best in who we are. Happy employees make for happy customers so we hire self-starters with great attitudes who align with our culture and values.

We pay a living wage and staff under the age of 18 still receive a minimum wage of 15$/hr. We make sure staff have the resources to do their job and multiple opportunities for training throughout the year.

We believe in leaving everything better than we found it and that goes for people too.


Gym Culture

If you're here, you're family

It is a sense of belonging that creates a community. At Lethbridge Gymnastics Academy we created this space with YOU in mind. We believe that all bodies are good bodies and everyone can do gymnastics.

We welcome all bodies regardless of ability or size.

We welcome all races, ethnicities & nationalities.

We welcome all genders and respect all pronouns.

We welcome all sexual identities & orientations.

Prejudice or humor regarding any of these items will be referred to our safe space policy. Further complaints may result in being asked to leave.


Safe Sport

Athletes First

LGA subscribes to, and believes in, the new codes and conduct being developed by Gymnastics Canada and Alberta Gymnastics. Some members of our community, namely gymnasts, are particularly vulnerable to individuals in positions of power. Due to the many hours that gymnasts spend away from their families training, the unquestioned authority of the coach and sometimes traveling under the direction of unrelated adults, these athletes are not socialized in the same way that most young people are. With increased acknowledgement worldwide, of the sport’s culture of compliance and silence, everyone involved must make a concerted effort to change some long-standing practices and behaviours in order to keep ALL members safe.

Athlete maltreatment will not be tolerated.

LGA has in place policies and procedures that describe conduct that will not be tolerated; standards of behaviour that coaches, parents, staff and volunteers must follow to ensure participant well-being and a process for receiving and handling conduct complaints. If you would like a copy of all policies and procedures, please contact us. Creating a legacy of safe sport practices rests with current coaches, club owners, administrators and the Provincial and National orgamizations.

While is our collective responsibility, we at LGA take this very seriously by being a leader in athlete care.